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Models of Spirituality in Later Life (PDF files)

Spirituality: Ultimate Meaning Mediated through Relationship, Religion, Environment and the Arts

Spirituality in later life: Tasks—A continuing process

Spiritual Tasks of Ageing for Christians


Spiritual Needs Assessment (PDF files)

Level 1 Assessment – This is to be done as part of the admission process on entry of the person to residential aged care, it may be self administered, or completed by family or staff. It provides a screening for immediate spiritual needs and referral where needed.

Level 2 Assessment – This is for administration by chaplain, pastoral carer, or nurse or other aged care worker with a background in spiritual care. It can be completed later and can be done in stages.



A Palliative Approach to Spiritual Support in Residential Aged Care – Presented by Prof. Linda Kristjanson (PowerPoint presentation)

Ageing, Health Care and the Spiritual Imperative: a view from Scotland – Presented by Dr Harriet Mowat (PDF file)

Remembering Whose We Are – Presented by the Rev. Prof. John Swinton at the 2006 Ageing, Disability and Spirituality Conference. (PowerPoint presentation)


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